International Acupuncture Training Course, Introductory

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International Acupuncture Training Course, Introductory

1.      Period: 3 months

2.      Time: Every September to November

3.      Applicant: Acupuncture lovers with certain background of medicine

4.      Program: TCM Basics, TCM Diagnostics, Meridians and Points, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Methods, Acupuncture Therapy, Clinical Probation and Practice

5.      Content: Yin-Yang, Five Elements, Qi-Blood-Body Fluid, Zang-Fu Organs, Etiology and Pathogenesis, Tongue Diagnosis, Pulse Diagnosis, Syndrome Differentiation on Eight Principles, Syndrome Differentiation on Qi and Blood, Syndrome Differentiation on Zang-Fu Organs, Courses of Meridians, Locations and Indications of Points, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Methods, Therapeutic Principles, SyndromeDifferentiation and Point Prescriptions.

6.      Goal of Education: Mastery of basic Theories and skills of acupuncture, Mastery of locations and indications of 180 common points, Capability of acupuncture treatment and prevention of 30 common diseases.

7.      Language: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean.

8.      Tuition Fee: 22,000 RMB (including the registration fee)

9.      Application time: Application is accepted in the entire year. The Admission Note and Form JW202 will be dispatched 2 months before the beginning of the course.

10. Fax: 0086-21-5132-2276

11. E-mail: